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What Exactly Is Sim Racing?

by Sean Seebran / 21:23, 22 September 2021

So “What Exactly Is Sim Racing?” Sim Racing is the act of racing in a simulated environment. It usually utilizes realistic physics and electronic capabilities to simulate the vehicle and track.


Unlike racing video games, which are designed to be easy for beginners to play, sim racing software “which by the way is mostly intended to be run on PCs”, attempts to mimic the difficulties of actual auto racing. 


This includes real-world variables such as fuel usage, tire wear, tire grip, suspension adjustments, weather variations, “rubbering in” of tracks, pit strategies, and even body, aero, and suspension damage.

The physics model is getting better over time.

Realistic physics in sim racing games means that cars are less forgiving when pushed to the brink. As a result, you must drive with care and attention and with great technique!


Having a good setup that is tuned to your driving style can be particularly beneficial, improving the handling and sometimes top-speed of the car.


The driver must keep the car in a good balance to have traction on all four tires and follow a good racing line to achieve the fastest possible times.


If you lose control of your vehicle, it may spin out of control or even slide into an obstacle causing possible body, suspension, or even engine damage which can take you out of the race permanently.

Can sim racing help improve a driver’s real-life racing ability?

Since sim racing provides such a realistic experience with laser scanned cars and tracks becoming the norm, many amateur and professional drivers use it to enhance their skills behind the wheel, it’s a great way to help them improve their racecraft.


Some even use it as a tool when learning new tracks, thus saving on the cost of fuel, tires, and engine wear by needing less seat-time in their actual car, on the actual track.

The popularity of sim racing is on the rise.

Sim racing has become popular all around the world “especially in recent times” and is best played with a steering wheel, together with a throttle, clutch, and brakes pedals.


Sometimes an h-pattern shifter and handbrake are also used for enhanced realism in various cars and sims. It’s different from other driving games that might only need a basic joystick, controller, or even a keyboard and mouse.

Online racing is getting more and more popular.

The rise of online racing apps and games that offer true semi-realistic driving action and competition against humans makes them a popular choice for people who seek the realism of driving an actual race car.


Over the past few years, there has been an endless amount of research and experimentation with the physics engines of our racing sims. As computer hardware develops, so too will the performance of these simulations, and the software will continue to get ever closer to reality.


Now, with all of this being said, you may now be wondering “How To Get Started Sim Racing On A Reasonable Budget?” well, let’s find out.