Moza Racing SGP Sequential Shifter

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Moza Racing has just launched its all-new SGP Sequential Shifter. The SGP sequential shifter is their new budget-friendly shifter, it costs $129 and is now available for pre-order with an estimated shipping date of February 20th.

This highly anticipated sequential shifter resolved what used to be, a fairly big gap in MOZA’s sim racing accessory lineup.

It has an all-metal build with high-strength steel and aerospace-grade aluminum and a non-contact Hall sensor for consistent performance and reliability.

It features two customizable RGB backlit mechanical buttons and a multi-functional lever allowing quick shifts to neutral or reverse in titles that support it.

Connection Methods

There are two connection methods,

  •  via USB Type-B to Type-A data cable, more commonly known as a “printer cable”
  • via an RJ-11 cable to a compatible MOZA base with a shifter port.

Both cable types are included with your purchase.

The SGP Sequential Shifter also features a great-looking all-aluminum shifter knob that is also easily replaceable thanks to its automotive industry standard M12 thread allowing compatibility with most aftermarket shifter knobs.

Personalized Adjustability 

Adjustability is another great feature of the Moza Racing SGP Sequential Shifter

  • Height Adjustment: You can adjust the height within a 64mm range. 
  • Tension Adjustment: You can adjust the shifting resistance via an Allen bolt, “aka” socket screw.

The shifter is fully customizable through the MOZA Pit House software.

You can change the buttons to any of the eight available color options, you also have control over the brightness settings, and can even sync the paddle shifter and sequential settings effortlessly.

Product Specifications
  • Connection options: PC, compatible MOZA

bases, MOZA hub

  • Materials: Aluminum alloy & high-strength


  • Dimensions: 181.5 x 52 x 319.5 mm
  • Mounting Holes: M6 threaded holes/M8

through holes

  • Net Weight: 1.7 Kg
MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter Dimensions
What’s in the box?
  • Sequential shifter
  • Shifter handle 
  • USB Type-B to Type-A data cable
  • RJ11 data cable
  • M6 screws and M6 washers
  • Allen wrench
  • Hex wrenches
The Good:
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Well built.
  • Dual connectivity.
  • Multiple height adjustment points.
  • Adjustable shifting resistance.
  • RGB backlit buttons.
  • Multiple mounting points.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Optional table clamp available for desk users.
The Not So Good:
  • Included cables may be a bit short for some users.
  • Multi-function lever is not variable “just a button-press action”.
  • The shifting resistance may be a bit light for some users, especially when raised to its maximum height due to the increased leverage.

Overall, I think that the Moza Racing SGP Sequential Shifter punches well above its weight class and is priced very reasonably. 

I can’t think of any other sequential shifter anywhere near this price point that looks this good and offers as many features as the Moza Racing SGP Sequential Shifter does.

Check it out on MOZA’s website for more information or to make a purchase.

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